Need a performance machine shop?

Baillie Diesel can take care of you. Complete In-House Machine shop available. From stock engine rebuilds to fire ringing heads, we can make it happen!

Routine maintenance is one of the keys to a great diesel pickup. Here at Baillie we provide any service needed to keep your pickup in top running condition. We offer Fleetguard filters at competitive price, and your choice of Rotella, or Schaeffer’s oil.

Exhaust kits in 4″ and 5″ are a great way to keep your temps down and look SLICK with a Monster tip on them. MBRP, Diamond Eye and even STACK KITS are available. Custom built kits are never out of the question at Baillie.

General Repair for all makes and models. Belts, hoses, starters, sensors, glow plugs, controllers, and computers for your vehicle can be taken care of right here. We offer a full line of Clutches from stock replacement to high performance. Baillie can replace your Transmission with a factory replacement or a performance transmission such as BD or Suncoast.

Exhaust Brakes enable you to hold back all of that horsepower when you are rolling down a hill, or pulling your trailer. Also a great way to extend the life of your pickup brakes. Give us a call to find the best fit for your truck.

Whether you are needing to replace your original fuel injectors, or looking to upgrade to a set of “hot rod” Injectors, we have the answer. We can take care of any Injection pump needs. Reman pumps are available for your pickup or even farm applications.

Baillie Diesel has dealt in complete Turbo Charger kits since the beginning, and can still provide kits for your older model 7.3. If your factory turbo is down, we can replace it with a new or reman stock turbo, or a performance model.

We still specialize in Engine Rebuilding and Repair. From time to time, the original diesel engine will give out and need some repairs. Ford, Dodge or Chevy, Baillie can take care of your engine needs and get you back on the road in a reasonable amount of time.

If you need a truck for fun and MEAN POWER, come check us out. Whether it’s drag racing or sled pulling, Baillie Diesel can “hook you up”! Check out our pulling truck on the Maximum Horsepower page.

Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants offers a fuel additive to help with lubricity problems in the new fuel. Schaeffer’s oil is also available by the gallon.

Fuel filters, as well as air filters need to be monitored to help your truck run at its best. If you are in the market for a Cold air intake, Baillie offers several lines at competitive prices.

For horsepower and mileage on your daily driver, we offer numerous lines of computer chips and tuners. Such brands as Diablosport, Edge , TS Performance, H&S, PPE, and Smarty are on our shelves waiting for you.

Trailer hitches, Brake controllers, Running boards, and Chrome can make your pickup the perfect set-up. Contact us to see what Baillie Diesel can do for you!

Call or come by today to discuss maintenance needs for your truck 417.725.4901.